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Friday, July 02, 2010

African Violet Leafs Are Broad

To start an African violet, you need to have total fresh leaf from an African violet.Cut the sheet so close to the bottom of the African violet, as you can without harming the plant.African violets like warm climates, so take a glass of room temperature water and cover the jar with aluminum foil.Then cut a slit in the foil, which is about as long as the African Violet leaf is broad and place of the African Violet leaf in the slot, so that the stem cells is under the water but not part of the leaf.Place the glass with the African violet in it in a sunny spot and a look at it every day.

When the water gets too low then replace the water with a little water at room temperature, so that the stem covered again.After a while you see some roots grow at the root of your African violet leaf.When a healthy root was then increased it's time, your African violet leaf in some soil-plant.Find a nice pot and fill it with soil to grow African violets made for in.You can find the ground for African violets in a nursery.

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Then you take your finger and make a good big hole in the middle of the floor.Take your glass with the African violet leaf in IT to break through and gently hold African violet leaf, as the aluminum foil, so you get the paper free of the aluminum foil without damaging the roots of the leaf.Place the roots of the leaf into the hole in the floor and move the soft roots, allowing them to spread themselves.Move the soil via the roots of the newspaper and give the roots a good amount of water to African Violet you a good start.

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