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Monday, April 17, 2006

Standard Violets

"Standard" sized varieties typically grow 10-12" in diameter when grown as houseplants, and will grow comfortably in a 4" pot when mature. When grown for exhibition, well-grown specimens can reach a diameter of 18" to 24", with leaves as large as one's hand. Keep in mind that these are show plants, given special care (most importantly, disbudding). Grown as a houseplant, they will not grow nearly so large--you need keep only 4-5 rows of leaves to keep your plant attractive and blooming.

Appearing from left to right...
Top row:
Ma's Almost Autumn
Ma's Blueberry Taffy
Ma's Crime Scene
Ma's Evening Sky

Second row:
Ma's Fruit Smoothie
Ma's Jamaican Farewell
Ma's Lily Pad
Ma's Moody Monday

Third row:Ma's Neon Lights
Ma's Prince Froggie
Ma's Blue Turtle
Ma's Corsage

Bottom row:Ma's Debutante
Ma's Country Boy
Ma's Bridal Bouquet
Ma's Grinning Grape

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