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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marriage Counselor is a Professionally Trained Person

Marriage counseling usually begins when a couple seeks closer, sustained intimacy, or if they are one of the many challenges, navigate to the remaining team in a successful life.The marriage counselor is someone who the discussions can lead to achieve these goals.In addition, a marriage counselor takes a neutral stance, which has shown support for both partners in the pair, while offering some research and see tried and true methods for helping couples to resolve their eyes and vital concern.

The main reason why marriage counseling came into the picture, was the increasing number of divorces, the company is facing.The United States is among the countries with the highest rates in the divorce.To save her marriage, of being stored, professional counseling may be needed.Thus began marriage counseling.

A marriage counselor is a professionally trained person who helps couples plan to solve their difficulties in the correct manner.These discussions are individually with each person to know more aware of their view of the problems and then make both (the couple), what they think about the difficulties they are facing.Once this is done, the consultant suggests the couple some of the ways they can repair.Thus, a good marriage counselor a person who listened to the two views of the problems and trying to create an understanding between them.Having different views is usually the main reason for the problems between the couple.

For this reason, they are not able to understand that what can not for one thing a lot of importance for the other to hold.Also not able to communicate what you can feel the situation deteriorate.Marriage counselors also give couples the tools forward to face challenges in the future.

Master Degree in Consumer Psychology -

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Therapy and Substance Abuse Counseling

Social workers help people of all races, economic backgrounds and disabilities, both mental and physical. They can help in big ways and small, whether it is helping people obtain financial assistance or community services or just listening. There are a variety of levels of licensure and experience in the social work field.


To obtain licensure as a clinical social worker, you must have, at a minimum, a master's degree in social work and take an exam issued by the state in which you wish to obtain certification.

After Certification

After you pass the exam and obtain your LICSW certification, you are typically required to practice under direct supervision for at least five years, depending on the state in which you are certified.

Care Settings

Licensed clinical social workers typically work in clinical settings, for example counseling centers, mental health centers, substance abuse practices and hospitals.

Patient Population

They are able to provide care management, therapy, substance abuse counseling, individual and group psychotherapy, play therapy and behavior modification to both children and adults.


Social workers also can refer patients to psychiatrists for medication management.

Source: National Associate of Social Workers

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why you shoud propagate an African Violet?

So the best way to propagate an African Violet is to knock the parent out of its pot onto a few sheets of newspaper and carefully reach in and tease those suckers out. You may also need a sharp pocket knife to cut through the root ball to detach it from its parent. Early Spring through Mid-Summer is the time for this project, the earlier in the Spring, the better.

Once you have divided the plant, plant the babies in a light soil mixture with plenty of peat, perlite and vermiculite. Miracle Grow Potting Soil (Damiana), Cornell Mixture and Schulz Potting Soil Plus are all readily available and good for this. Use plastic pots. African Violet leaves rot in contact with the moist rim of a terracotta pot. If you use clay, wax the rim or use decorative foil around the rim to stop the problem.

Use the smallest pots you have, not the largest. The damaged roots will need to heal and expand before they can use all that soil. Extra encourages rot. Don't forget to add a layer of pebbles or broken pot to the bottom of the pot for drainage.

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Friday, July 02, 2010

African Violet Leafs Are Broad

To start an African violet, you need to have total fresh leaf from an African violet.Cut the sheet so close to the bottom of the African violet, as you can without harming the plant.African violets like warm climates, so take a glass of room temperature water and cover the jar with aluminum foil.Then cut a slit in the foil, which is about as long as the African Violet leaf is broad and place of the African Violet leaf in the slot, so that the stem cells is under the water but not part of the leaf.Place the glass with the African violet in it in a sunny spot and a look at it every day.

When the water gets too low then replace the water with a little water at room temperature, so that the stem covered again.After a while you see some roots grow at the root of your African violet leaf.When a healthy root was then increased it's time, your African violet leaf in some soil-plant.Find a nice pot and fill it with soil to grow African violets made for in.You can find the ground for African violets in a nursery.

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Then you take your finger and make a good big hole in the middle of the floor.Take your glass with the African violet leaf in IT to break through and gently hold African violet leaf, as the aluminum foil, so you get the paper free of the aluminum foil without damaging the roots of the leaf.Place the roots of the leaf into the hole in the floor and move the soft roots, allowing them to spread themselves.Move the soil via the roots of the newspaper and give the roots a good amount of water to African Violet you a good start.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

3 Tools for Indoor Fireplace

These 3 tools make a tool set and are usually kept in a stand or mounted a tool holder so that they found all in one place.You can also buy the tools, together with a holder made of wood.It consists of a rigid metal that has a space for the storage of wood. If your fireplace does not have a screen, you can one to the stove and other tools that would buy related accessories game.In addition, you can also andirons and a pair of bellows to give an old feel.

Each type of selection of accessories and screens only add to the warm effect of the adjustment.These items are as grains, as they are decorative.The people are perhaps not even to light the fire, but everyone loves accessorizing their fireplaces. These wood fireplace screens are the first line of defense while using a homeowner has a fireplace.

Yes, these creations are designed to burn, while providing heat inside logs, but they can sometimes get out of control.The fireplace screens help ensure that they do not.Operating a fire without an understanding of basic safety standards and maintenance is not recommended.There are a large number of heart-tools now widely used for maintenance and cleaning of the chimney.The tools make it easy for you to create and continue to fire.To give a unique touch, they will be coordinated with other indoor wood fireplaces accessories.You should apply to the purchase of the tool, as it will allow you to start a fire set thinking.A good selection of fireplace accessories should always be placed next to a fire if their operation.

If small children are present if one considers this to prevent storage on the mantelpiece to front pokers random weapons.After a fire, a good way to atmosphere, to add a house.It is with some responsibility to come but.Smart homeowners ensure that safety comes first.From the fireplace screen to the right maintenance plan, an ounce of prevention in this supply is absolutely worth more than a pound of healing.The objects that are contained in a fireplace tools are a broom, shovel and poker.The brush is used to clean the inner part of the fire and the scoop is used to remove the ash from her.The poker is to maintain the logs on the fire.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Propagate African Violet for Indoor Blooms

African violets are known for their leaves soft, easy care and delicate flowers.The most common African violet purple shade is well known, but you can find variations Saintpaulia that bloom in soft pinks and blues and purples brilliant.
Once you buy an African violet in your favorite color, you can easily spread and has a factory of new adults in as little as six to nine months.
This may seem a long time since you can just go to the local garden store and buy a new one, however, you will find the pleasure of growing your own African Violet is well worth the wait..

More info on

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Tips for Growing AFrican Violet


Proper light is essential for good bloom. African violets require more light than most growers first realize. Thin, dark, blue-green leaves with long petioles indicate insufficient light levels. While moderate light is needed, direct light for long periods can be damaging as well. Too much light produces leaves that are small, crinkled, leathery, and yellow with short petioles on stunted plants. Generally, north and eastern exposures are best for African violets. However, if these exposures are not possible, African violets perform beautifully under artificial lights as well. Fluorescent lights suspended approximately 8 inches above the plants for 12 to 16 hours per day will produce sufficient light to initiate blooms in African violets.


African violets require temperatures between 65 and 80F. Typically, temperatures below 50 F will cause leaves to darken, become water-soaked, and wither. Temperatures above 85F will slow growth and flowering of African violets and may injure the leaves as well. Water temperature becomes important during the winter months, as cold water directly on the leaves will damage them quickly.

Dry Tortugas Tour


Watering African violets is often the most difficult part of their care. They require a moist, well-drained soil. If the soils are too wet, the plants may rot. If plants are too dry, they will not grow or flower well. Many people sub-irrigate African violets. This means placing the plant in a saucer of water and allowing the plant to soak up water from the bottom of the pot. This prevents injury from cold water on the leaves and insures the entire soil profile is moist. However, care must be taken not to allow the plants to sit for long periods in water as they may rot quickly. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry before sub-irrigating again. African violets can also be watered from the top if room temperature water is used and the foliage remains dry. In fact, it is recommended to irrigate from the top occasionally to prevent salt accumulation. Wick watering is another method that is increasing in popularity. This is a continuous watering system with a water reservoir at the base of the plant and an absorbent wick that connects the soil and the water reservoir. This method is effective in maintaining an even moisture level of the soil. However, periodic leaching of the soil profile with water from the top might be necessary to prevent the accumulation of salts.


Regular fertilization is needed to encourage plants to bloom throughout the year. A complete fertilizer at a low rate is recommended. Excessive fertilization leads to vigorous vegetative growth, poor flowering, and the accumulation of salts in the soil. The accumulation of salts can ultimately damage or destroy foliage. Flush soils occasionally with clear water to eliminate salt buildup in the soil.


A loose, porous, fertile soil or soilless mix that is slightly acidic (6.0 or 6.5) is needed for growing African violets. Peat-based soils that have been pasteurized are best. Garden or field soil is not satisfactory alone since it is often poorly drained and compacts easily. Many commercial soiless mixes are available. Refer to soils for houseplants (PM 713f) for more recipes for mixing your own soils.

African violets make great houseplants. With a proper environment and regular care they will reward you with blooms all year.